Program 2018

Date: Thursday 1st March 2018

Moderator: Ann De Bie

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09h30 – 10h00 Registration
10h00 – 19h00 Meetup Room – 15′ Meetups
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Room Einstein – Plenary session
10h00 – 10h20 Smart Cities is a major market (FR/NL)

Peter Van Den Heede, Country Head of Sales, ABB & Chairman Agoria Smart Cities Committee

Ingrid Reynaert, Business Group Leader Smart Cities, Agoria
10h20 – 10h40 The challenges of the Walloon cities and communities to become a smart city

Benoit Hucq, General Director, Agence du Numérique (FR)
10h40 – 11h00 Data as a tangible asset to run your city or region in a different way

Kris Lemkens, Technologiemanager Genk (NL)
11h00 – 12u30 Morning sessions:
Room Newton BC – Session 1: Data, something to cope with to be successful as a city
Moderator: Jacques Vermeulen, Director Smart Cities, Nokia
11h10 – 11h30 Presentation of the Agoria white paper: data ownership, data platforms, cybersecurity – what does it mean?

Olivier Lefevre, #MisterSmartCities, NRB & Agoria working group
leader smart digital (ENG)
11h30 – 11h50 Practical guide to involve all city entities in the Open Data process

Hester Torn, Information advisor, City of Delft (ENG)
11h50 – 12h10 Living Lab Ludwigsburg digitalizes the city

Andrea Bräuning, Head of Living Lab, Ludwigsburg (ENG)
12h10 – 12h30 Interaction
Room Vesalius – Session 2: Trends and technology solutions towards energy neutral districts and cities
Moderator: Marcel Laes, General Director, Cimpro
11h10 – 11h30 Presentation of the Agoria white paper: IoT beyond smart public lighting

Luc Picard, EVCI Project Manager, ABB & Agoria working group leader smart energy (ENG)
11h30 – 11h50 The use of real-time data from smart meters for energy management within the city

Remy Garaude-Verdier, Head of European Affairs, Enerdis (ENG)
11h50 – 12h10 Development towards more energy self-sustained districts and cities with as use case city of Leuven

Pedro Pattijn, Business Unit Manager, Ingenium (ENG)
12h10 – 12h30 Interaction
Room Darwin – Session 3: IoT guides mobility in cities into a new era
Moderator: Sandra Vancolen, Business Development IoT, Mobility Solutions Benelux, Robert Bosch
11h10 – 11h30 Trends, solutions and challenges for smart mobility in smart city context: vision of the technology industry

Bruno Depré, Business Development and Innovation Manager, Engie Fabricom & Agoria working group leader smart mobility (ENG)
11h30 – 11h50 Sustainable urban mobility and mobility services supported by data and IoT solutions in the city of Madrid

Sergio Fernández Balaguer, Communication and Consultancy Directorate, Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) de Madrid (ENG)
11h50 – 12h10 Autonomous vehicles and the impact on cities and its infrastructure

Mark Keppens, expert mobiliteit, Arcadis (ENG)
12h10 – 12h30 Interaction
Room Newton A – Session 4: The future building is healthy, comfortable, sustainable, safe and
Moderator: Ann De Bie
11h10 – 11h30 Smart Buildings as a part of Smart Cities

Peter Van Den Heede, Head of Sales Council, ABB & Chairman Agoria Smart Cities Committee
11h30 – 11h50 Social district Eco-Life, a CO2-neutrale energy district (FR)

Stephane Degroote, Project Director – Architect, B2Ai
11h50 – 12h10 Triangle de Gonesse, a Smart District Development for the Metropolitan area of Paris (NL)

Stefaan Martel, Director Operations & Sales for Commercial Real Estate, Bopro
12h10 – 12h30 Interaction
12h30 – 14h15 Exhibition space – Lunch and visiting exhibition
Room Newton A – Session 1: Best practices of innovative procurement
12h50 – 13h10 The legal framework for innovative procurement

Tiphaine de Portbail, Company Lawyer, Agoria (FR/NL)
13h10 – 13h30 Smart City Tool Box, a collaborative method for innovative procurement accessible for small communities

Sebastien Lefevre, Innovation Manager, stad Kortrijk (NL)
13h30 – 13h50 Interaction with both speakers
Room Darwin – Session 2: Smart city or human city – what’s in a name?
12h50 – 13h10 Book presentation – The Human City

Cathy Macharis, Professor, VUB (NL)
13h10 – 13h30 The perception of Belgian Cities and Communities on Smart Cities

Nathalie Crutzen, Associate Professor & Director of the Smart City Institute, HEC Liege, University of Liege (FR)
13h30 – 13h50 Interaction with both speakers
Room Newton BC – Session 3: Sponsor talks
12u50 – 13h10 Eandis – Multi-utility solutions for smart cities (NL)

Bram Van Eeckhout, Business Unit Manager REG & EDLB
13h10 – 13h30 Vinci Energies – How to meet the strategic ambition of a city – The vision of VINCI Energies

Julien Guillaume, Head of open innovation & collective intelligence VINCI Energies (FR)
13h30 – 13h50 ABB – Battery Energy Storage : The power to control the energy

Marcus Sousa, Territory Market Manager Power Quality and Storage – Europe
Room Copernic – Session 4: Sponsor talks
12u50 – 13h10 Ericsson Belux –  On the road to 5G,

Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO Ericsson BeLux
13h10 – 13h30 Eurofiber – Enter the smart society (ENG)

Harold Smeeman, Innovation Officer
13h30 – 13h50 Orange – NB-IoT to support new Smart City Services

Tom Sorgeloos, Business Development Manager IoT and Erik Van Lierde, IoT innovator.
Room Vesalius – Session 5: Sponsor talks
12u50 – 13h10 BNP Paribas – Banks: more than Smart financing Cities

Brecht De Smyter, Head of Public Institutions
13h10 – 13h30 Siemens – How can smart grid contribute to the a transparent and intelligent view of your city’s energy consumption?

Lieven Kenis, Head of Division Smart Grid
13h30 – 13h50 NRB Juleslesmart, an ecosystem for integrated smart cities solutions (FR) Oliver Lefevre, Mister Smart Cities, NRB

Room Einstein –
PLENARY SESSION: translators (Dutch / French) are available
14h15 – 14h50 The Smart Cities Coordinators on the floor

Dialogue with Guido Muelenaer, manager strategie & innovatie, stad Antwerpen (NL), Nicolas Himmer, Gestionnaire des projets Smart City, City of Namen (FR) and Filis Zümbültas, Smart City Coordinator, City of Brussels (FR/NL)
14h50 – 15h10 Energy transition is part of smart cities where the role of public utilities will change

Dialogue with Benoît Houssard, Director Technical Department, Ores (FR) and Jan Neyens, Manager, S-Lim & Smart Cities Coordinator, Fluvius (NL)
15h10 – 15h30 Smart Cities is also about inclusive citizenship

Jean-Marc Galand, Head of Valérie De Bue’s Cabinet (FR)
15h30 – 16h00 Break and visiting stands
16h00 – 16h40 Key note speaker: Transform the city of Toulouse in an “Smart City l’Open Métropole”

Bertrand Serp, Vice-President Toulouse Métropole & Deputy of the Mayor Toulouse (FR)
16h40 – 17h00 Embrace smart technology in your city

Bart Steukers, Director Industries & Markets, Agoria
17h00 – 18h15 1stAgoria 5G Award
Agoria Smart City Awards Ceremony 
– Winners on stage and mayor debates (FR/NL)
18h15 – 20h00 Walking dinner in exhibition