Reverse Pitching

Take part in Smart Cities Reverse Pitching!

At this pitching session, the suppliers are not the ones that will present their products or services but rather towns, municipalities, companies, start-ups or other organisations that set out their needs

As it does every year, Agoria’s Smart City Forum is used as a test platform for new concepts. For the 2019 edition, we propose you a “Smart Reverse Pitch”. It is not about suppliers who present their products or services but public and local authorities, companies, start-ups or other undertakings will set out their needs and the challenges to be addressed with focus on smart cities.

Introduce your Smart Reverse Pitch for the Agoria Smart Cities Forum

26 March 2019 is the date of the 7th edition of the Agoria Smart Cities Forum & Award at Bluepoint Brussels. 

What exactly is a Smart Reverse Pitch?

Start-ups, SMEs or large companies, (para)public organisations and local authorities have the opportunity to present a challenge, a problem or need. A small group of participants interact with the person who will address a challenge or need.

Four topics have been selected for the Smart Reverse Pitch:

  • Transport: needs concerning the last mile, cyclists’ behaviour, car communication, selective access, mobility hubs, mobility as a service, etc.
  • Sustainability: needs regarding air quality, urban lighting, sustainable energy, water management, litter issues, multi-energy districts, etc.
  • Building: needs concerning longer living at home, energy monitoring, refurbishment, listed buildings, energy-neutral buildings, etc.
  • Safety & Security: needs relating to noise pollution, security in shopping streets, monitoring of behaviours during events, in museums or tourist attractions, ensuring the security of infrastructures and buildings, cybersecurity, etc.

Format of the Smart Reverse Pitch?

The Smart Reverse Pitching session lasts 2 hours. The 4 above topics are addressed, each in a dedicated room. For each topic, 6 persons present a pitch with each pitch lasting 4 minutes. Next, these persons are going to sit at a dedicated table. The persons who have registered beforehand for a specific topic are divided into small groups. Each group has 15 minutes to have an exchange with the person who gave a pitch.

The process is organised and monitored by observers.


  • The “pitcher” comes into contact and has an exchange of opinions with 6 different groups.
  • The participants engage in a dialogue concerning 6 different needs and so discover opportunities for their own town, municipality or organisation.
  • The participants come into contact with other participants six times, since the different groups meet each time at a different table.
  • The observers form an initial idea of the needs likely to be followed up.

Follow-up of the Smart Reverse Pitching session:

The pitch does not represent the end point. The dynamic at the tables will be followed-up and the needs that may potentially be the subject of a following phase will be further analysed.  It will also be assessed whether a small group could be formed around a specific need with a view to progressing further.

Within the IBN IoT Value Chain (of which Agoria is coordinator, more info on, there are different possibilities for action.s The next phase may be:

  • The submission of an application for subsidies for a project in collaboration with a number of partners.
  • The roll-out of an incubation trajectory, with as end goal development of a concept, a solution, a use case, etc. with a specific ecosystem.
  • The organisation of meetings in the context of enquiries or invitations to tender.

If this approach proves successful, a larger edition will be organised in 2020 with more topics.

Introduce your reverse pitch as a town, municipality, (para)public authority, start-up or company

Upload here your PowerPoint presentation containing 4 slides before 25 February 2019:

  • Slide 1: Title of your need
  • Slide 2: Description of your need
  • Slide 3: What do you want to achieve?
  • Slide 4: Contact person and data

This Smart Reverse Pitching session is organised in collaboration with:

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