Program 2019

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019

Moderator: Ann De Bie

09h00 – 09h30 Registration and coffee
09h30 – 09h50 Chairman’s welcome – Peter Van Den Heede, Head of Sales Council, ABB & Chairman Agoria Smart Cities Committee – Ingrid Reynaert, Business Group Leader Smart Cities, Agoria (NL/FR)
09h50 – 10h10 La stratégie smart cities de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Smart cities strategie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest – Bianca Debaets, State Secretary, Brussels-Capital Region (NL/FR)
10h10 – 10h30 Vlaamse steden en gemeenten zetten volop in op smart cities, een stand van zaken – Mieck Vos, General Director, VVSG (NL)
10h30 – 10h50 Smart Cities dans la Province de Namur, où on en est – François Laureys, Gestionnaire de projets, stratégie territoriale & Smart Cities, BEP
10h50 – 11h00 Break and transfer to rooms
11h00 – 12h30 Morning sessions:
  Room Newton BC – Session 1: Smart mobility has only impact when looking from different angles
Moderator: Ben Van Roose, Head Mobility, Agoria
11h00 – 11h20 Invest in all pieces of the puzzle to improve mobility in cities – Bruno Depré, Business Development, Innovation and Strategy Manager, Engie Fabricom & WG leader WG smart mobility, Agoria (NL/FR)
11h20 – 11h40 The use of (big) data to understand the mobility patterns in your city – Lieven Raes, projectleider OTN, Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen (NL)
11h40 – 12h00 Mobility management in real-time in the city of Namur – Michaël Petit & Bérénice Ruyssen, Service Mobilité, City of Namur (FR)
12h00 – 12h20 Driven Helmond City of Smart Mobility: impact of c-ITS, autonomous vehicles, and flexibel services – Tamara Goldsteen, Senior Projectmanager Smart and Green Mobility, City of Helmond (NL)
12h20 – 12h30 Interaction
  Room Vesalius – Session 2 : Multi-energy approach to reduce your CO2 footprint
Moderator: Pierre Martens, Business Group Leader Energy, Agoria
11h00 – 11h20 Multi-energy approach needed to get impact on the climate – Luc Picard, Business Development Manager Mobility and Energy, ABB & WG Leader WG smart energy, Agoria (NL/FR)
11h20 – 11h40 Local Energy Communities – where we are in Flanders ? – Leen Peeters, owner, Th!nk E & Board of Directors, Flux50 (NL)
11h40 – 12h00 Innovative and sustainable business parc Keiberg – Vossem (Terrvuren) – Patrick Willems, Algemeen Directeur, Interleuven (NL)
12h00 – 12h20 Smart water network: optimise production and consumption of water using data – Bert De Winter, Director Innovation, De Watergroep (NL)
12h20 – 12h30 Interaction
  Room Darwin – Session 3: From classic to digital renovation
Moderator: Guy Gommeren, Head Building, Agoria
11h00 – 11h20 From classic renovation to digital renovation – Guy Gommeren, Head Building, Agoria & Emanuel Marreel, Business Development & Innovation Manager in the field of Digitalization & WG Leader WG smart building, Agoria (NL/FR)
11h20 – 11h40 Renowatt, succesfull collective renovation goes more digital – Salma Lasri, Mission Déléguée & Luc Charlier, Ingénieur énergie, RenoWatt (FR)
11h40 – 12h00 Buildings 4 People – quantifying the benefits of better performing non-residential buildings – Maarten De Groote, Head of Research, BPIE (ENG)
12h00 – 12h20 Renewable energy and smart technology as part of a social district development – Nicolas Bearelle, CEO, Revive
12h20 – 12h30 Interaction
  Room Newton A – Session 4: How to go from pilot project to innovative procurement ?
Moderator: Carine Lucas, Lead Expert Innovation, Agoria
11h00 – 11h20 Relation between public and private sector during the preparation of an innovation procurement – Tiphaine de Portbail, Company Lawyer, Agoria (NL/FR)
11h20 – 11h40 How to start with data innovative procurement – Stephan Corvers, Director, Corvers Procurement Services (NL)
11h40 – 12h10 Use case city of Delft: SCIFI (pilots with open data) what have we learned so far? – Dennis Voermans, Purchasing Advisor & Anna Kaijen, Lawyer, City of Delft (NL)
12h10 – 12h30 Interaction
12h30 – 14h00 Lunch, meet & greet, standholders visit
13h00 – 13h20 The Beacon: IoT/AI Hub for smart cities, smart port and industry 4.0 – Wim De Waele, General Manager, The Beacon (ENG)
13h20 – 13h40 VIS Smart Energy City: coaching of local governments in their energy transition – Jiska Verhulst, Senior R&D Professional Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Vito/Energyville & Cedric Depuydt, Senior Staff Energy and Climate, VVSG (NL)
14h00 – 16h00 Smart Reverse Pitching
  Room Newton BC – Smart Reverse Pitching Transport
Challenge 1 The four seasons of a mobility hub – Johan Van Looy, Director Strategy, De Lijn (NL)
Challenge 2 How to measure bike to work for a specific person ? – Stéphane Jacobs, Co-founder and director, Plugin2Drive (ENG)
Challenge 3 How to improve the transfer between station Brussels-North and Tour & Taxis ? – Stefan De Prycker, CEO, Keolis
Challenge 4 How can public services in the City of Brussels be reached to maximum 10 minutes? – Filis Zumbultas, Smart City Coordinator & Adeline De Vleeschauwer, Deputy Head of Catography Unit, City of Brussels (NL/FR)
Challenge 5 How will parking places in and around train stations evolve the next 10 to 30 years ? – Koen Van Lancker, Innovation & Station Environment Team Leader, NMBS (NL)
Challenge 6 Indoor people flow management – Rob Roemers, Manager Business Intelligence, MIVB/STIB & Rick Meynen, Corporate Studies Officer, Strategy & Innovation Department, MIVB/STIB (ENG)
  Room Vesalius – Smart Reverse Pitching Sustainability
Challenge 1 Is CSR also meaning ‘City Social responsibility ? – Martine Hendrickx, CSR advisor, BNP Paribas Fortis (NL)
Challenge 2 How to profile sustainable heat and introduce IoT in sustainable heat applications? – Erik De Schutter, Business Relations Industry, Smart Grids, Energyville (NL)
Challenge 3 Setting up of a connected public lighting for the 19 municipalities in Brussels Capital Region – Bénédicte Collard, Responsible Public Lighting, Sibelga (FR)
Challenge 4 Integration of public and private data over the whole water chain to create added value: what are the constraints ? Bert De Winter, Director Innovation, De Watergroep (NL)
Challenge 5 The implementation of a local energy community in Nieuw Zuid, what are the challenges ? – Sam Verbelen, Innovation Manager Energy and Water Circulair Zuid, City of Antwerpen (NL)
Challenge 6 Is participative financing the answer for realising multi-energy zones or local energy communities in a city ? Maxime Bouckaert, co-founder, Koalect (NL)
  Room Darwin – Smart Reverse Pitching Building
Challenge 1 How can dependent people (elderly, demented, …) live longer in home environment without displacement restrictions? Tim Beullens, Owner, Delta Care (NL)
Challenge 2 A Motion of Confidence : Public Debate, Public Interior: Reconversion of ‘De Brouckère Tower’: the impact of private space on the public realm – Tomas Ooms, Founding Partner, Studio Tuin en Wereld, Consulting Architect, CONIX RDBM Architects & Architect, Lecturer and Researcher at Faculty of Architecture, KULeuven (NL)
Challenge 3 Smart Building for Cities: Understanding the specific needs, priorities and constraints for the public buildings – Sandra Ajzenman, Integrated Value Proposal & Smart City Manager, Proximus (FR)
Challenge 4 Set-up of circular building ecosystem in Ghent – Brecht Lootens, Team Coach Spearhead Clusters – Startup & Scaleup Ecosystem, City of Ghent (NL)
Challenge 5 How can smart technology and artificial intelligence help to create CO2 neutral buildings? – Maxime Sohet, Open Innovation Manager & Inge Goessens, Smart Building Expert, EDF Luminus (NL)
  Room Baekeland – Smart Reverse Pitching Safety & Security
Challenge 1 A burglar-free district: how can this be realised ? – Albert Seubers, Director global strategy IT in Cities, Atos (NL)
Challenge 2 Limiting nuisance in the entertainment district: can technology mean something? – Tim Guily, Policy advisor Smart City, City of Leuven
Challenge 3 Can Artificial Intelligence fulfil the promise of making our cities Safer and Smarter – Bart Verhaert, Area Manager Technology Physical Security, Securitas (NL)
Challenge 4 Quick confirmation of the identity of a traveller/passenger using smart technology – Marie Stasse & Anaïs Dufrasnes, Coordinator Transport Relations, Passenger Information Unit, Crisis Center, FPS Interior Belgium (FR/NL)
Challenge 5 How can technology help the city of Bruges in order to optimise their efforts, preventive as well as repressive, resulting in reduced number of thieving ? – Eva Cocquyt, Preventiecoördinator, City of Bruges (NL)
Challenge 6 How can attractive objects in a city, building, and yard be protected against theft and damage ? – Alain De Moor, expert B.O.A.R. & Johan Olbrechts, Manager Safety Advice Services, Axa Belgium
16h00 – 17h30 Agoria Smart City Awards Ceremony 2019
16h00 – 16h15 Ecosystems and partnerships are the key to a succesfull digital transformation – Marc Lambotte, CEO, Agoria
16h15 – 16h30 The role of local governments in sustainable transition – Guy Pollentier, Head of Sustainable Business Competence Centre, BNP Paribas Fortis
16h45 – 17h30 Winners on stage and mayor dialogues
17h30 – 19h30 Networking with Drinks & Food